ProHS HCT | Basic Rules

1. General Provisions

1.1. All participants of the tournament must familiarize themselves with the Basic Rules. All participants of the tournament are required to read Basic Rules.

1.1.1. All participants are committed to comply the Basic Rules of the tournament while participating in it, even if they didn’t read them.

1.1.2. The rules can be changed or supplemented during the tournament.

1.2. Participants must join the Discord Channel.

• All tournament issues should be resolved in Discord (protests, no-shows, etc.).
• It is forbidden to flood and be rude in the channel. All intruders will be removed from the channel.

1.3. Start of the tournament:

• at 16:00 – MSK (Moscow time)
• tournament bracket appears at 16-00 MSK

1.4. Administration is not responsible for the server’s crashes and other
program errors in the Blizzard games.

1.5. Players’ Problems with software, failure of the mouse, keyboard, phone, tablet and other devices are only players’ problems.

1.6. Administration does not recommend the use of smartphones and tablets for participation, since unstable work on these devices can become a problem and lead to disqualification.

1.7. Administration is not responsible for the server’s crashes and other software errors at

2. The system of the tournament and matches

2.1. Any player can participate in the tournament.

2.2. Format of the tournament:
• Single Elimination (the loser leaves the tournament).
Format of the tournament matches:
• Conquest 4 decks, 1 ban, Best of 5 (up to 3 wins).

Game mode:
• Standard.

2.3. Procedure for action before the match:

• Before the start of the match, players send a request: first to friends, then a duel.

• Bans are made after the opponent’s request, before the first game is played. (1 — Request your opponent.2 — Make bans on Battlefy and exchange the screenshots of the lobby.3 — Start the first game)
• The order of the hero’s peak process takes place during the registration for the tournament.
• In the match you can only use those heroes that you declared, you can not use undeclared heroes.

• After winning the game, the player must change the hero to another one declared, he can not return to him in this match anymore.
• After the defeat in the game, the player has the right are allowed to to change the hero to another one declared, or use the same hero.
• It is forbidden in a match to have more than one active deck of each declared hero (multidecking). The opponent has the right to request a screenshot of the lobby!

2.4. For any violation of paragraph 2.3, a participant will lose 1 match (if the score was 0-0, it will became 0-1).

2.5. In the case of a draw (when two characters died simultaneously during the game), it should be replayed with the same decks.

2.6. All decks for the match must be constructed in advance.

2.7. It is allowed to change cards in decks during the tournament. It is forbidden to change cards during the match.

2.8. If no games were played, the player can exit the duel and change the deck. Going out of the duel during the match is allowed, BUT it is prohibited to enter the “My collection” and begin to change the deck. These actions will be perceived as technical defeat. The proof can be the screenshot from your opponent.

2.8.1. If your opponent violated the rules and etc., then you must make a screenshot of this moment, upload it to the site or provide it to the judge

3. Prize distribution

3.1. ProHS Spring – 2250 Russian rubles and 16 HCT Points

1. HCT 5 points + 1500 Russian rubles (we can convert them in your currency).
2. HCT 3 points + 500 Russian rubles (we can convert them in your currency).
3. HCT 2 points + 250 Russian rubles (we can convert them in your currency).
4. HCT 2 points.
5-8. HCT 1 point.

3.2. All prize money for the tournament is paid within 15 calendar days.

4. Duties of players

4.1. Each player must take screenshots of his victories and disputes situations of each match.

4.2. The results of the match are entered step by step. The system will not let you declare the result of the third game, unless the result of the second game is set.

4.3. After each game, the player who won, should attach screenshots of his victory on the page of the match. Each player is responsible for saving his screenshots: also, he must provide them at the first request of the judge and attach it to the match page.
4.4. If the opponent incorrectly reported the match, the player must make a protest, leave the description and attach the screenshots of the protest in Discord chat.

4.5. If the player can not prove his protest in disputed situations using screenshots, the judge has the right to disqualify him from the tournament.

5. Schedule

5.1. Matches of the first round should begin with the start of the tournament. Matches of the next rounds should begin by the definition of their participants.

Each player has 10 minutes to check-in before each match. If the delay time exceeds 10 minutes, the system will put a technical defeat.

5.3. The main source of the schedule is the tournament bracket.

5.3.1. The tournament bracket can be changed by the judge if it is needed.

6. Broadcast, Multimedia and SMM
6.1. To exclude a dishonest game, the broadcast will

be with a delay.

7. Disciplinary sanctions

7.1. For verbal abusing and negative statements about the participants, judges and commentators of the tournament the participant receives ban for all ProHS tournaments.

Participant receives a disqualification for rules violation.

7.3. Participant receives a disqualification from the tournament for the match sabotage.

7.4. . Participant receives a disqualification from the tournament for the contract matches

7.5. Systematic rules violation participant receives a ban for all ProHS tournaments.

7.6. The decision of the judges is final and can not be contested.

8. Judges

8.1. With any incomprehensible question, you can refer to the tournament judge (after reading the rules).

8.1.1. If you have problems provide this information to judges:

• link the match,
• screenshots,
• match score or a description of the problem.

8.2. All questions and conflicts are decided by the tournament judges on the Basic Rules.

8.3. Judges are not responsible for any illegal actions of players.

8.4. If the problem can not be solved with the help of the rules, the judge has the right to make a decision at his own discretion.

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